Top 10 features of MIUI 10 || Top hidden features of MIUI 10 || Eligible devices for MIUI 10 & launch date in India

Xiaomi has recently launched it’s latest UI for it’s smartphones in china, the UI name is MIUI and it’s latest version is MIUI 10 which xiaomi has launched recently.

Xiaomi will launch MIUI 10 in India on 7 June 2018.

Xiaomi will also lauch it’s Redmi Y2 in india on 7 June 2018.

So, here we are going to tell you about some features of MIUI 10.

Below we have given you some Top features of MIUI 10.

Top 10 features of MIUI 10 || Top hidden features of MIUI 10 || Eligible devices for MIUI 10 & launch date in India

Here are the list of Top 10 features of MIUI 10

  1. Recent Apps Menu- Xiaomi has made many new changes in the MIUI 10 rom. With MIUI 10 there are many big changes in the UI and the big change in all of them is “Recent apps menu“.The new “Recent apps menu” has a verticle slider menu which is different from any other smartphone’s UI.
  2. Status Bar- The 2nd big change in the MIUI 10 rom is status bar. The new status bar looks more like Android P. It looks like the MIUI 10’s status bar is copied from latest Android 9.0 or Android P. The new status bar has a blury background and rounded icons.
  3. Volume Control Panel- The 3rd big change is “Volume Control panel“. The new volume panel is verticle in shape and is more wider now so that you can easily increase the volume.
  4. New Clock- The Xiaomi has made a new change in it’s clock on lockscreen mode. Now it will be verticle and in some devices this update was given in the MIUI 9 update. 
  5. Artificial Intelligence- In MIUI 10 xiaomi will more focus on Artificial Intelligence, like every smartphone industry is trying to do it in 2018. For example- if you are using a phone from some time then it will recognise your activites and it will make that helpful to the user.
  6. Portrait Mode- The new big update in the MIUI 10 is Portrait mode in the single camera smartphones. Now you can take portrait shots with your single camera smartphone.
  7. Gestures- The MIUI 10 comes with full screen gestures like Iphone X and it will be only for 18:9 aspect ratio phones like Redmi Note 5 Pro.
  8. Autofill- Everyone was missing the autofill in MIUI 9 so it is being fixed in  the MIUI 10. Now it will support autofill like chrome browser.
  9. Improved Screen Recording- The MIUI 10 will support internal sound recording in it’s latest screen recorder app. In stock android Google dosen’t allow the internal sound recording but in MIUI 10 it is fixed by Xiaomi.
  10. Split Screen- In MIUI 9, some device didn’t got the split screen feature but it will be fixed in the MIUI 10. The device which are running on android lollipop or below will not get this feature.

Bonus Feature

11. Latest Android Update- Xiaomi is also going to push the latest android update with MIUI 10.

Eligible device for MIUI 10-

Click here to check the list of eligible devices for MIUI 10.(list will be available soon)

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