Hey guys welcome to my android tricks and today in this post we will be telling you that how you can upgrade from Miui 8 to MiUi 9 in less then 10 minutes.

Just follow the steps given below and don’t miss any of the steps or your device can be broken.

How to upgrade your Xiaomi Redmi smartphone from MiUi 8 to MiUi 9 in less then 10 minutes

First go to your updater app and check if you already have an update of MiUi 9 then download it and upgrade your phone to MiUi 9, it was not the process which we are going to follow it was the automatic process for those who already got the latest MiUi 9 update in their phones.

We will do it manually because some of the people have no MiUi 9 updates in their phones.

Just download this file by clicking here.

Select your phone model and download the appropriate file for your device.

Now go to your updater app and click on the 3 dots options on the top right corner and click on choose update package option and select the zip file which you have download and click ok.

Then it will ask for you to reboot the device, choose reboot option and it will take 10-15 minutes to reboot. (In my case it just took about 5 minutes)

And that’s it now you are running on MiUi 9.

If you have any problem  with this tricks then do check this video on “How to update your phone to Miui 9.


And comment below regarding your queries and suggestions.


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