Hey guys whatsup today in this blog i will be guiding about how you can remove the watermark of “DU Screen Recorder”, which actually allows you to record your phone’s screen. Most of tech youtuber’s use this application to record their phone’s screen and it comes from the best screen recorders for android that tech youtuber’s use.

•What is the need to remove watermark from DU Screen Recorder?

✓ We need to remove the watermark because the watermark affect the quality of the content.

How to remove watermark of DU Screen Recorder without root, crack or without any mod verison.

Actually it is not a trick, it is a feature that many people don’t know while using this application.

1. Open the DU Screen Recorder.
2. Now go to settings.

3. Now scroll down and uncheck the watermark option.
Make sure that you disable it.
And that’s
It will remove from your recorded video.

If you have any queries and suggestions regarding this topic just drop your comment below i will try to solve your problem if possible.


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