Hey guys, welcome to myandroidtricks and today in this post we will be sharing some information about Clash of Clans hacking.

As we all play Clash of Clans and Clash of clans is a very addictive game and once you started playing clash of clans it would be difficult for you to leave the game. And we all want that we should have unlimited Gems, Elixir, Gold Coins etc. and then we try to hack the game but in the end we went fail. We watch many videos about clash of clans hacking on YouTube but none of them worked for us but why?

Because all the videos on YouTube are fake because i personally have tried them all but none of them worked for me. Because Clash of clans cannot be hacked by a newbie. Clash of clans developers do upload our data regularly on their servers that’s why you can’t hack Clash of clans and if you want to hack Clash of Clans then you will need to hack their servers, and they won’t allow you to hack COC because it is illegal and if try to hack and if you caught by the COC developers then you can have Jail, which is not good, and i do not allow you to hack COC or i do not promote any hacking.

Now the question is how YouTubers make video on Clash of clans hacking and if you will see in their video they have unlimited gems, gold and elixir but how?

YouTubers use a Clash of clans mod version in their video but they are not going to show you how they do it. They use a  mod version but that mod apk has its own private server it means that you have unlimited Gems, gold and elixir but you cannot join clans which are on the real server.

Lets understand it in a simple way, lets assume that you have Clash of clans mod version but with mod version of Clash of clans you cannot join your friend’s clan which is on the real Clash of clans server.

How to download Clash of Clans mod version?


How to download Clash of clans private server?

You can download mod or private server of clash or clans by google it up but you will find some websites which will do some human verification or they will ask you to install some apps or something else which will irritate you so i will share you the Clash of clans mod version link in the next post.

So that’s it for today guys hope you understand that you cannot hack clash of clans and if you like this post then share this with your friends and let them know that they cannot hack clash of clans.

If you have any queries or suggestions in your mind then do let me know in the comment section below. 


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