Get portrait portrait mode on any android phone by following these methods

Most of us have mid range or budget phones which have a single camera and only few of them have a duel camera and only duel camera phones can have portrait mode but what if i say that any phone that has a single camera can take portrait shots with the single camera so follow these methods to take beautiful portrait shots with your single camera phone.

So hii guys this is prashant and today here i will be telling you that how you can enable the portrait mode on any android smartphone that has a single camera and nothing special requires in this trick.

This trick will work in most of the android phones but if this trick dosen’t work for you then tell me in the comment section below and i will help you to do that.


The camera2api must be enabled in your smartphone and if you don’t know how to do that then click here and read this post about how to enable camera2api on your android phone.

How to get Portrait mode on any single camera smartphone

Download this Google Camera Mod apk by clicking here

Installing the Google Camera Mod Apk

Turn the “Unknown Sources” on under Security settings of your phone.

Now you can install the Google camera mod apk.

Open the Google Camera Mod apk and just give access to asked permissions.

Now just swipe right and click on settings

Now scroll down and click on advanced option 


Now you will see a option called “Portrait Mode” just enable it.

And now you have to restart your phone, after restarting open the the google camera app and swipe right and now here you will see an option for portrait mode just click on it and now you can take portrait shots with your phone.

That’s it. Enjoy!!!

If you have any questions or suggetions in your mind then don’t foget to tell me them in the comment section box below.

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