How to get 10 rs. Paytm Cashback/per sim every month

Requirements:- You need a paytm account, without kyc will also work for this simple tricks.


  • Open paytm app and click on search bar and type “1 rs. deal” or click here to go to the page
  • A product of rs 1 will appear, click on it
  • Now the main part comes here, just click on apply promo code and type “MAGIC” in the promo code box and click on apply.
  • Now pay rs 1 with any payment mode like credit card, debit card, bhim upi etc.
  • And that’s it

Now you will get a cashback of rs 10 in the paytm wallet, so just check your wallet

For non kyc users:-

For those, who haven’t done kyc yet, they will receive a goldback of rs 10

If you wanna sell this gold just comment below in this post and i will help you


Unlimited Trick:-


  • If you have many mobile no available then you can use this trickl to get 10 rs cashback in every paytm account
  • If you logout and login with another account and apply this promo code then it will not gonna work.
  • To get 10 rs cashback in every account just download parallel space app from here
  • Now open the parallel space app and select paytm app and clone it
  • Now login with your another paytm account
  • Now again search for “Bata 1 rs deal” in the paytm app
  • Now select the product of rs 1 and apply promo code “MAGIC” and pay with available payment modes
  • Now you will receive a cashback of rs 10
  • And if you wanna use this trick for unlimited times just go to parallel space app and delete the paytm app from there and again make a clone of it and login with another account sand repeat the same process as i have told you above.

If you are having any problem regarding this trick then do let me know in the comments and i will help you if possible.

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