If you are looking for getting portrait mode on any android smartphone by enabling camera2api on your android smartphone then you are at the right place.

Most of us uses a budget phone or a mid range phone that does not have a duel camera but what if we get awesome portrait mode on our single camera smartphone.

Yes, you can do it by enabling camera2api on your android smartphone just read the instruction carefully and you can enable camera2api just by pasting a code on your android smartphone.

Just follow the steps given below to enable the camera2api on any of your smartphone.

How to enable camera2api on any android phone

  • Firsty, your android phone should be rooted to enable the camera2api on your android.
  • If you have not rooted your android yet then  Google it up by typing  “Root (YOUR DEVICE NAME OR MODEL)” on google, for example ” Root Redmi Note 4″.
  • Then download an app called Build Prep Editor or click here it will look like this       
  • Then copy this camera2api code from here-


  • Open the build prop editor app and Grant the root permissions to it.
  • Click on the pencil icon as shown in the screenshot below             
  •  Now scroll down and paste the code and just save it as shown in the screenshot below


And that’s it. Enjoy!!!

You have successfully enabled the camera2api feature on your android and if you have any questions or suggestions in your mind then just comment down below and i will surely try to help you out.


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