How to download Clash Of Clans Private Server in android or Clash of clans mod version

As you guys know that Clash of Clans is a very popular game and most of us also played the game as well. There are stuff that we want to buy but we can’t buy it because we can’t afford to buy stuff in the game. And today i will show you that how you can download Clash of clans private server in which you have unlimited sources and we don’t have to buy anything else in the game and there are also some custom mods which you try in this private server so without any further delay lets move on to how to download this Clash of Clans private server.

So, hey guys welcome to and today here we will be guiding you about how you can download the clash of clans private server, so you have to follow the steps given below….

How to download Clash of Clans Private server

Firstly, you have to go to clash of magic site by clickcing here
don’t worry it is not any other game but it is the mod version of clash of clans

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Then, you have to download clash of magic launcher from there
don’t worry beacuse it is not a launcher, this app just provide you the download links of the clash of clans private server.

After downloading and installing the clash of clans private server open it up and choose the Server 1 or S1 beacuse it have more custom mods that you can use or you c an also download the server 2 or S2 version but it have less custom mods.

Then, it will take you to the browser to the download the mod version of clash of clans and download and install it and enjoy…

Now, the question is why i am not giving you the direct download link of clash of clans private server.
And the answer is beacuse they keep updating the mod version so you can get good experience in it and if i give you the direct download link then it will be expired in some time that is why i am not giving you the direct download link.




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